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Requests for Modern Military Records (1916 - present) by other than the veteran or surviving next of kin

If you are not the veteran or next of kin you may still be able to obtain pertinent information about any veteran's military service record. However, this information will be generally limited to the name of the veteran, service number, rank, branch and dates of service, awards and decorations, and the place of their entrance and separation. If the veteran is deceased, you may also receive their date of birth, date and place of death and place of burial. Please complete the requested information and submit by clicking on the Submit button. You must provide all of the information requested.

If you are someone other than the "surviving spouse that has not remarried, father, mother, son, daughter, sister, or brother" of the veteran, you may request the information from the National Archives. You can apply online at the National Archives or download the SF-180 and follow the directions provided and mail or FAX it.

Please complete the questionnaire as completely as possible. Any unknown information may make it difficult or impossible to locate the record. You may request data that is not considered to be private or personal in nature. If you want specific information be sure you enter that information in Block 13 or 14. The NPRC will generally provide the following information (if available): 

  • Name of Veteran

  • Service number

  • Rank

  • Branch and dates of service

  • Awards and decorations

  • Place of entrance and separation

  • If deceased, you may also receive:

  • Their place of birth

  • Date and place of death

  • Location of burial

Please be aware! The NPRC fire of 1973 destroyed 16-18 million records, including:

  • Army Personnel - 80 percent of records for those discharged between 1 Nov 1912 and 1 Jan 1960.

  • Air Force Personnel - 75 percent of records for those discharged between 25 Sep 1947 and 1 Jan 1964, with names alphabetically after "Hubbard, James E."

Response time for the National Personnel Records Centers averages 4-6 weeks. If the NPRC must reconstruct your records (for those involved in the 1973 fire, it may take considerably longer). NPRC will try to work with you in emergency situations

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