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DNA Testing - A New Tool for Genealogists

Now there is a new tool that may help break down your brick wall! The value of DNA testing is its ability to help find relationships by comparing the results of as few as two people. Genealogy by genetics may be the greatest tool to genealogists since the creation of the computer!

Your genome is a mix of genetic materials created by your mother and father. Only two parts remain untainted by the influence of a partner. Y-DNA is passed from father to son, while  mitochondrial DNA is passed from mother to both sons and daughters, but passed to the next generation only by her daughters. Occasionally, mutations occur which create unique sequences that serve as genealogical markers. These unique markers not only provide links to paternal and maternal ancestors, but also to the places they lived.

A DNA Test will provide you with your haplotypes, which function as a genetic blueprint. This will allow you to search for like patterns and join Surname Projects on the Internet. These online projects bring together members of a surname, allowing them to compare genomes. Match someone else, and you may find a new branch of your family tree. We highly recommend  Family Tree DNA for all your DNA testing needs. With more than 3400 Surname Projects, Family Tree DNA is the world leader in the field of Genetic Genealogy and has been constantly developing the science that enables genealogists around the world to advance their families' research.

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Males are able to see if another male is a descendant from their direct paternal line using the Y-DNA test which has become the world standard, being adopted by National Geographic's - Genographic Project. A variety of tests are available from various testing laboratories; from a 10-marker test to a 67-marker test. The greater the number of markers, the more accurate the results within a given time frame.

We recommend a 37-marker test, which yields the world's tightest parameters to the Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA). You may order the 12 marker test and return to "refine" your test at a later time without the need to re-submit another DNA sample! For more information about the number of markers to request CLICK HERE.

Women can determine which Haplogroup they are based upon the descent through their maternal line. Reports are compared to the Cambridge Reference Sequence, which show your deviation from this industry standard. We recommend you obtain a test that identifies the lettered Haplogroup that your mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is assigned to by the scientific community.

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