Money Back Guarantee:

Fees for our research, compensate us for time spent in research and other expenses. We do not, and can not guarantee we will be able to locate a particular individual, record, or source. Due to the many variables involved in the research process, it is neither ethical nor possible for any researcher to guarantee a specific result for a given request. There are simply too many circumstances that can limit the success or failure of any project.

However, if you order an Individual Record or Index Search and we can't find the record, you owe us nothing! If you have already paid, your money will be refunded in full!

In addition, if you, or an agent acting on your behalf, are able to locate an individual that the we were unable to locate for a search you requested, we will refund the money paid for that specific search, on the condition that the record found exactly matches the information that you submitted to us in your original order or request. Refunds are subject to verification and authorization and must be requested within 60 days of our report. Please allow two weeks for verification and issuance of refunds.