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Replacement or Duplicate Military Awards and Medals

Let our professionals assist you in obtaining your medals and awards

We can assist you in obtaining medals or awards to which you were entitled but were never presented, replacements or duplicates of your earned awards and medals.

You may request awards and medals through the NPRC using the online application at the National Archives

If you have a copy of your DD Form 214, it should show a list of the awards and medals you were awarded.

You will need the following information in order to complete this request form.

  •  Your name, mailing address, phone number and email address.

  •  The purpose of your request (benefits, genealogy, etc.)

  •  The full name of the veteran and your relationship to them

  •  Veteran's date and place of birth

  •  Veteran's Service Number or Social Security Number

  •  Branch of Service (if veteran served in more than one branch, a separate submission must be made for each branch)

  •  Enlisted or Officer

  •  Component (active, reserves, national guard)

  •  Dates of Service (requires at least the approximate date of discharge)

  •  A detailed statement of the awards you believe you are entitled, whether they were presented; or if you are simply seeking replacements or duplicates.

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