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Lenape-English Dictionary now available on CD A Lenāpé - English Dictionary

The original Lenape - English Dictionary was published as the first volume of a limited edition series by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. The original Preface contains information as to the source of the original manuscripts used in the study.

In 1889, Daniel G. Brinton edited the contents of an anonymous manuscript from the archives of the Moravian Church at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. His consultant and colleague, was Rev. Albert Seqaqkind Anthony, Assistant Missionary to the Delaware and Six Nations, Canada, and who was himself a Lenāpé.

Reprints of this work have been made from time to time, often as a tool for the Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America. Many, whether in print or electronic media, failed to reproduce the complete volume. A number of scanned versions have uncorrected errors and inaccuracies due to poor OCR software. Consequently, these errors have been passed down. Since the original volume is more than 100 years out of print and expensive to purchase.

This volume is republished by the Family Research Library as a tool for researchers in order to better understand the Delaware people and to aid the BSA Order of the Arrow, which is based upon the legends and traditions of the Delaware or Lenne Lenāpé.

This electronic version has been transcribed directly from a First Edition of the original publication. No effort has been made to correct typographical errors contained in the original text. The editor has added limited supplemental information in order to clarify the language in today's usage.

The original 1889 First Edition contains a total of 235 pages. While great effort has been made to assure the accuracy of this electronic version, no effort has been made to maintain the original pagination.

Key Benefits

  • This publication is a full transcription of the original, including the preface and footnotes.
  • The electronic edition incorporates, as an integral part of its programming, a stand-alone browser with full Boolean search features. It's as easy as clicking on the search button and entering the text to find.
  • The installation requires approximately 1.5 MB of hard drive space and should work on any Windows® version WIN98 or later.
  • Includes an Instruction booklet and Tips for Searching.

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