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Millard Full Name Index A-C from

The Millard and Other Families
A Genealogical History of the Millard and Associated Families
compiled by Allie M. Millard (1882-1974)

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Rev. Wm. Aaron, Mary Abbington, Accomac Co, Virginia, Florence J. Adams, Aelfthryth, Agatha, Agricola, Mary Aiken, William Albertson, Alexander I, Alexander II, Alexander III, Alexander the Fierce, Alfred the Great, Charles Allen, Heywood Allen Jr., Heywood Allen Sr., Katie LaRee Claudelle Allen, Walter Allen, Zillah Allen, Laura Alling, Porter Allison, David Allmon, Sis Almany, Ann Almany, Frank Almany, James Almany, Nathan Almany, Alpine, Joan Amadas, Amelia Co, Virginia, Elise Penick Amis, Lila Young Amis, Louis Dixon Amis, Martha Belle Amis, Minna Reid Amis, Rev. Eugene H. Amis, Tinsley Eugene Amis, Lawrence Anderson, Lawrence E. Anderson, Rachel E. Andes, Walter Andes, Anlaf, Aodh, William Jesse Armiger, William Jesse Armiger Jr., Elizabeth Armistead, Margaret Armstrong, Mr. Armstrong, Ed. Arrants, Elizabeth Arrants, Mrs. Elizabeth Arrants, Mary Arrington, Bertie Madeline Ascue, Frank Donald Ascue, Franklin Pierce Ascue, Mary Frances Ascue, William Jackson Ascue, Louisa Ashinghurst, Lucy Ashinghurst, Miss Adelia Ashinghurst, Miss Louisa Ashinghurst, Miss Palmira Ashinghurst, Edgar Atheling, Margaret Atheling, Attacotti, Augusta Co, Virginia, Avadh, Edmund Berkeley Averett, Janie Averett, John T. Averett, Samuel W. Averett, Samuel Wooten Averett, Thomas H. Averett, Aycha IV, David C. Babcock, Fred Bailey, Greever Bailey, Louise Bailey, Margaret Bailey, Rees Gillespie Bailey, Robert Gillespie Bailey, Robert Gillespie Bailey Jr., Sallie Mae Bailey, Sally Mae Bailey, Sarah A. Bailey, Vernon Bailey, Zona Bailey, Bairn, Elijah Baker, Elijah James Baker, Leonard Baker Sr., Susan Sydnor Baker, Bald Knob, Anna Johns Baldwin, John Baliol, Donald Bane, Banque, Capt. John Barber, Isabel Barker, Mr. Barker, Sarah Barker, William Barker, Elisha Barksdale Jr., Elizabeth Barksdale, Elizabeth Watlington Barksdale, Giles Barksdale, Judge Wm. Barksdale, Judith A. Barksdale, Maj. Peter Barksdale, Mourning Dickerson Barksdale, Nathaniel Barksdale, Peter Barksdale, Susan Coleman Barksdale, William Randolph Barksdale, Luke Barnard, Miss Barnes, Nannie Barnes, Baronial Order of Runnymede, Addie Barr, Ellen Barr, Hattie Barr, Jennie Barr, John Barr, William Barr, Eliza F. Barrett, Mrs. Frederick Richard Barrett, Mrs. Mae Hicks Barrett, Rev. Frank F. Barrett, Joshua Barton, Judge Barton, Mr. Barton, Battle of Brandywine, Battle of Bridgewater, Battle of Guilford, Battle of the Crater, Battle of Yorktown, Margaret Baughan, Albert P Baumann, Albert P. Baumann Jr., Albrocht Baumann, Florence Hill Baumann, Mary Frances Baumann, Col. Bayard, Carter Baytop, Dr. Bean, Sallie Elizabeth Bean, Dianah Beard, Ellen Beard, George W. Beard, Homer Beard, Bearn, Beatrice daughter of Malcolm II, Beauclere, Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek, Tenn., Harry Wade McCall Beavers, Robert G. Beavers, Charles Becker, Edwin Becker, Frederick Becker, George L. Becker, Hiram Becker, John Becker, Mary Becker, Bedford Co, Virginia, Joel Stark Belknap, Joel T. Belknap, June Elizabeth Belknap, Isaac Bellarby, Needham Benefield, Mary Benfield, Dominick Benham, Nellie Bentley, Beorn, Bernard – Hill Burial Grounds, Bernard Burial Ground, Arthur Bernard, Lena Estelle Bernard, Beulah A. Bernard, Capt. John A. Bernard, Charles E. Bernard, Col. William Bernard, Dr. Thomas Hill Bernard, Eliza Bernard, Elizabeth Mary Bernard, Elliott Oscar Bernard, Frederick O Bernard, Gov. Francis Bernard, Hannah Bernard, Harriet Bernard, Hattie Bernard, Henrietta Bernard, Jane Bernard, Joannah Bernard, John Bernard, John A Bernard, John Albert Bernard, John S. Bernard, Judith W. Bernard, Lang Bernard, Linus Bernard, Lou Bernard, Lt. John A. Bernard, Lucy Bernard, Luke Bernard, Luther Lee Bernard, Mark Bernard, Mary Elizabeth Bernard, Miss Mary E. Bernard, Mollie Bernard, Robert Bernard, Roxie E. Bernard, Ruth Hill Bernard, Sallie Bunch Bernard, Sallie F. Bunch Bernard, Samuel F. Bernard, Samuel H. Bernard, Swinfield Bernard, Thomas Bernard, Vilia Linus Bernard, Walter Bernard, Weston O. Bernard, William Bernard, William L. Bernard, William Lang Bernard, Zadok Bernard, Berry Pomeroy, Elizabeth Betts, Spencer Betts, William C. Binford, Eliza Bingham, Ann Delia Birchard, Martha Bishop, George L. Bitzer Jr., Lell Anna Bitzer, Rev. George L. Bitzer, Ruth Bitzer, Will Tinsley Bitzer, Blackwater River, Elizabeth Saunders Blair, Henry Blevins, James Blevins, Jane Boatwright, Jane Bockelmann, Eliza Bolling, Stith Bolling, Miss Bond, Floyd Bondy, Charles Booher, Florence Booher, Martin Booher, Edward F. Booker, George Boone, Squire Boone, Boone’s Creek, Jno. Booth, John Booth, Martha Booth, Wilson Borum, Botetourt Co, Virginia, Elizabeth B. Bottom, James Bottom, Mrs. James Bottom, Bert Bouton, Dan Bouton, George Bouton, James Bouton, Marietta W. Bowe, Thos. C. Bowe, Susan Bowker, Perized Bowman, Clyde Bowman, Johnie Bowman, Amanda Boy, Jacob H. Boy, Jake Boy, Joe Boy, John Noog Boy, Miss Boy, Mrs. Jake Boy, Robert A. Boy, Mr. Boyce, Sarah Boyer, Annie Belle Bradley, Dr. John W. Bradley, John English Bradley, Julia J. Bradley, Tinsley Penick Bradley, Benjamin Bradshaw, Mary Branch, Mary Brawley, Eliza Brickey, Frieda Brickey, Mr. Brickey, Mrs. Eliza Brickey, Maj. Gen. C. H. Bridges, Ned T. Bridges, Catherine Bright, John J. Britton, Wm. Britton, Dr. R. A. Brock, Jack Brown, Agnes Tinsley Brown, Alleine Hart Brown, Bessie Baumann Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Esq. James Brown, John Brown, John M. Brown, Joseph Alleine Brown, Maria Elizabeth Brown, Sally Halsey Brown, Virginia Baldwin Brown, William Garland Brown, Susan Emmaline Brownell, Alexander Bruce, Lucy Bruce, Marjory Bruce, Robert Bruce, Annie Brummitt, Brunswick Co, Virginia, Mr. Bruyiaire, Buchanan Co, Virginia, Ed. Buchanan, Nan Buckles, Rachel Buckles, John P. Burgess, Polly Burgess, Lady Elizabeth de Burgh, Richard Burke, Samuel D. Burke, Burke’s General Armory, Charles Burks, Richard Burks, Martha G. Burnell, Peggy Burnsides, Joshua Burton, Lewis Burwell, Lucy Higginson Burwell, Harriet Bushong, Anna Butler, Mr. Butler, Julia Gregg Caldwell, Callicoal, Amanda Campbell, Martha Campbell, Mary Morrell Campbell, Minnie A. Campbell, Tennie Campbell, Thomas Campbell, Will Campbell, Camus, Sarah Cardwell, Edgar Edwards Carlton, James Carlysle, Mr. Carlysle, Paul Carlysle, Samuel Carpenter, Elkaney Carr, Kill Carr, Nathan Carr, Samuel Carr, William Carr, T. Carrier, Edw. M. Carrington, Mrs. Carrington, William Cart, Belle Carter, Rev. C. E. Carter, Sam’l Carter, Samuel Carter, William Carter, Carter’s Creek, Castle of Manconseil, Billy Cecil, Cynthia Mary Cecil, Frances Willis Cecil, Jack Whitten Cecil, Jean Dreyan Cecil, Margaret Bailey Cecil, Robert Hawkins Cecil, Samuel Wesley Cecil, Cerdic of Wessex, Kenneth H. Chadwick, Allen Chambers, Patsey Chambers, Rhoda A. Champion, Betsey Chandler, John Chandler, John Chandler Jr., Loomis Chandler, Lucinda Chandler, Merritt Chandler, Minerva Chandler, Wealthy Chandler, Mary J. (Mollie) Chapman, Charlemagne, Charles City, Charles I, Charles II, John Cheshire, Chesterfield Co, Virginia, Chestnut Creek, Children of Abia Millard and Mary Weaver, Children of Johnathan Morrell and Rebeckah Millard, Children of William Hicks Jr. and Ann Millard, China Weekly Review, Raleigh Chinn, Col. Edmond Chisman, Edmond Chisman, Jane Chisman, Richard Chitwood, Christ Church, Christopher Hawkins of Trewithen, Miss Christy, Church of Mortlach, Hon. N. H. Claiborn, James R. Claiborne, Nath’l M. Claiborne, Clan Gregor, Agnes McGehee Clark, Elizabeth Clark, John Clark, John Clark Jr., Mildred Clark, Mr. Clark, Thomas Clark, Thomas Clark Jr., William Clark, Zelis Clark, Agnes Clarke, Herbert Claudia, Jennie Claudia, Margaret Claudia, Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Claudia, Ruth Claudia, Thomas Claudia, T. O. Claudie, Claudin, James Claypool, Charles C. Cobb, Ernest Ernie Cobb, Elizabeth Allen Cochran, Joseph Coffman, Col. Lyon’s Regiment, J. C. Cole, Agnes Coleman, Ann Coleman, Anne Coleman, Elizabeth Coleman, Inzell Coleman, John Coleman, Joseph Coleman, Margaret Coleman, Mary Coleman, Rachel Coleman, Rebecca Coleman, Richard Coleman, Robert Coleman, Sarah Coleman, Susanna Coleman, Susannah Coleman, Thomas Coleman, Thomas and Elizabeth Coleman, William Coleman, Isabella Collett, Martha Collins, Sarah Collins, Sarah Millard Collins, William Collins, Colonial Dames Eligibility, Colonial Lords of Manors, Colonial Order of the Crown, Colonial Period, Dr. S. N. Compton, Concord Baptist Church, Nannie W. Conner, Constantine, Constantine I, Constantine III, Constantine IV, Mary Corderoy, Cornwallis, Count of Anjou, Catherine Couson, James Thomas Cox, Nannie Cox, Hallie Bailey Craddock, Capt. John Crage, Rev. R. R. Craig, Christiana Crocket, Andrew Crockett, Sallie Crockett, Rev. Dr. Crowe, John Crub, Cass Crumley, Hattie Crumley, Henry Crumley, Homer Crumley, Jacob R. Crumley, Jane Crumley, Mollie Crumley, Mrs. Ida Crumley, Rial Crumley, Robert Crumley, Sallie Crumley, William Crumley, Culen, Cumberland Co, Virginia, Charles Cutshaw, James W. Cuyler, May Cuyler

Millards A-C Millards D-G Millards H-J Millards K-M Millards N-Q Millards R-Z

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