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Millard Full Name Index D-G from

The Millard and Other Families
A Genealogical History of the Millard and Associated Families
compiled by Allie M. Millard (1882-1974)

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Dalreudini, Dalriads, Sarah Damarill, Abe Daniel, Charles Gilkey Daniel, Charles Gilkey Daniel Jr., Elizabeth Julia Daniel, Frances Daniel, Harvey and Leora Jeffress Gilkey Daniel, Mabel Daniel, Mrs. H. G. Daniel, Mrs. Sue Cary Daniel, Venable Daniel, William B. Daniel, Daughters and Sons of the Revolution, Daughters of 1812, Daughters of the Confederacy, Daughters of the Union, David I, David II, Col. David, General Davidson, Lillian Davidson, Col. Davie, Frank Davis, Henrietta Divers Davis, Mary Eliza Davis, Mrs. Henrietta Davis, Jerome Deeble, Ann DeJarnette, Anne DeJarnette, Elizabeth DeJarnette, Jean DeJarnette, Katherine DeJarnette, Maria DeJarnette, Mary DeJarnette, John Denton, Murphy Denton, Denton's Valley, Descendants of Nathaniel (Nathan) Penick, Descendants of Walter Bernard and Ruth Hill, John DeShazer, Martha DeShazer, Susannah DeShazer, James Deshazor, John Deshazor, Patience Deshazor, Susannah DeShazor, Devor goil, Dickerson Co, Virginia, Dr. Robert Dickson, Mary Dickson, Albert Eugene Dimmock, Anne Maria Dimmock, Rev. T. H. Dimmock, Rev. Thomas Herbert Dimmock, Thomas Herbert Dimmock Jr., Ped Divers, Doughlas Divers, Fanny Divers, George Divers, Holly Divers, Lee Divers, Mrs. Dewitt Divers, Donald Bane, Donald Bane the Fair, Donald I, Donald IV, Donald the Fair, Wm. Dorwell, Mary Bettie Drean, Elizabeth Stockton Dreyan, Mary Dreyan, Mildred Driscole, Dublin Cemetery, Mattie Dubose, Duff, Duff the Grim, Duke of Montrose, Mrs. Reba Perkins Dunbar, Duncan, Duncan Cean-mohr, Duncan II, Arnold Duncan, Daniel Duncan, Daniel Harrington Duncan, Diana Duncan, Elizabeth Duncan, John Clarence Duncan, John Cullen Duncan, John Patterson Duncan, Katherine Thomas Duncan, Maria Duncan, Martha Duncan, Rebecca Duncan, Robert Duncan, Sarah Ann Duncan, Dunn's Battalion, Joseph Dupuy, Ruth Dutton, A. A. Dyer, Francis Dymoe, Sir Edward Dymoke, Eadulf-Cudel Earl of Northumberland, David Eanes, Myrtle Eanes, Robert Eanes, Sam Eanes, Earl of the Mearns, James Parker Easley, Mr. Eaton, Ebbert, Ebbert of Wessex, Leo Eddleman, Sarah Enfield Eddleman, Hannah Eddy, Edgar, Agnes Edgecomb, Edgiva, Edinburgh, Edmond Ironsides, Edmund I, Edmund Ironsides, Edmund the Elder, Edward III, Edward the Elder, Edward the Outlaw, Edwin, Edwinsburgh, Hannah Edy, Eleanor of Castile, Eleanor of Poitou and Aquitane, Eleanor of Provence, Elgiva, Elizabeth de Burgh, Elizabeth I, Eliza M. Elkin, Johnnie Elkins, Miss Elkins, Nancy Elkins, Phebe Ellett, William Ellett, John W. Ellington, Annie Lee Elliott, William Elliott, Emma, Dr. A. C. Emmert, Empress Matilda, English Armada, Eocha, Sanford C. Epperson, Eric I, Estate of Joel Hawkins, Ethelred Mucil Earl of Mercia, Ethelred the Unready, Ethelwolf, Exeter Meeting, Fanny Fair, unknown Fair, Fairfax Co, Virginia, Mrs. Fairman, Thomas Fairman, Family Bible of Jedidiah Millard, Edward Farmer, Bagby Hawkins Farrar, Catharine A. Farrar, Catherine Hawkins Farrar, William F. Farrar, Wm. F. Farrar, Feathers Lineage, (unknown daughter) Feathers, Adeline Feathers, Albert Feathers, Alice Feathers, Amanda Feathers, Anne Feathers, Anthony Feathers, Arthur Feathers, Artie Feathers, Ascenth Feathers, Beverly Feathers, Brainard Feathers, Brainard Webb Feathers, Buford Feathers, Callie Feathers, Carl E Feathers, Caroline Feathers, Catherine Feathers, Christiana Feathers, Christina Feathers, Clyde Feathers, Cordelia Feathers, David Feathers, David H. Feathers, David K. Feathers, Della T. Feathers, Docie Feathers, Dollie Feathers, Don Feathers, Donald Feathers, Dora Feathers, Dorcas Feathers, Dorcas B. Feathers, Dorcas Watson Feathers, Dorothy Feathers, Dr. Alvan Feathers, Dr. Alvin Feathers, Duck Feathers, Earl Feathers, Earle Feathers, Ed Feathers, Ed King Feathers, Edgar Feathers, Eli Feathers, Elizabeth Feathers, Elizabeth R. Feathers, Elkana Feathers, Elkaney Feathers, Ellen Feathers, Eugene Feathers, Ezra Lee Feathers, Fannie E. Feathers, Flora Feathers, Florence Feathers, Frank M. Feathers, Fronia Elizabeth Feathers, Geo. A. Feathers, George Feathers, George A. Feathers, Gordon Feathers, Grover Feathers, Hattie Feathers, Henry Feathers, Hildred Feathers, Howard Feathers, Ida Feathers, Irene Feathers, Isaac Feathers, Jack Feathers, James Feathers, Jesse Feathers, Joe J. Feathers, John Feathers, John L. Feathers, John Wesley Feathers, Johnathan Feathers, Johnson Feathers, Jonathan Feathers, Josie Feathers, Julia Feathers, Julia B. Feathers, June Feathers, Laura Feathers, Laura E. Feathers, Lawrence Feathers, Lecy Feathers, Lee Feathers, Lela Feathers, Lena Feathers, Levi Feathers, Lillie Feathers, Lois Feathers, Lonnie Feathers, Loretta Feathers, Louis Feathers, Louisa Feathers, Louise Feathers, Lucinda Feathers, Lulu Bell Feathers, Lyle Feathers, Lynn Feathers, Mabel Feathers, Mahaley Hatcher Feathers, Mamie Jewel Feathers, Margaret Feathers, Mariah L. Feathers, Mary Feathers, Mattie Feathers, Millard Feathers, Minnie Feathers, Mollie Feathers, Molly Dorcas Feathers, Myrtle Feathers, Nancy Feathers, Nannie Feathers, Nathan Feathers, Nellie Feathers, Nora Feathers, Oakley Feathers, Omar Cox Feathers, Omer Cox Feathers, Onlie Earnest Feathers, Paul Feathers, Pauline Feathers, Porter A. M. Feathers, Preston Feathers, Rachael Feathers, Rachel Feathers, Rachel L. Feathers, Rebeckah Millard Feathers, Rena Feathers, Robert Feathers, Ruth Feathers, Sallie Feathers, Sam Feathers, Samuel Feathers, Samuel Elkaney Feathers, Sarah Feathers, Sarah Barbara Feathers, Sarah J Feathers, Sudie Feathers, Susan Feathers, Susannah Feathers, Susanne Feathers, Susie Feathers, unknown Feathers (who married a Clark), Vinie Feathers, Wade Feathers, Walter Feathers Jr., Walter McKinley Feathers, William Feathers, Willie Clarence Feathers, Worley McOntosh Feathers, York Feathers, Federal Lumber Company, Fenella, Fergus, Fergus son of Eric, John Oatus Ferguson, John Otey Ferguson, John Otis Ferguson, Lou Ferguson, Mitchell Ferguson, Mr. Ferguson, Mrs. Aaron Ferguson, Oatus Ferguson, Otey Ferguson, Otis Ferguson, Dr. Nevil D. Fetzer, George Phifer Fetzer, Samuel Joseph Fetzer, Harriet Bernadine Fidler, Millard Fillmore, Mr. Fillmore, Nathaniel Fillmore, Phebe Fillmore, Pres. Millard Fillmore, Chester Fine, Martha Morrell Fine, Newton Fine, First Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia, Joseph Fisher, William Fitzherbert, Fleance, Ethel Fleenor, George L. Fleenor, Beverley R. Fleming, Sarah Ann Fleming, Isaac Fletcher, Mary Riley Fletcher, Tina Fletcher, Robert Flippin, Ellen Floutleroy, James Arthur Forbis, Andrew Ford, E. C. Ford, Elizabeth Ford, Mollie Ford, Rev. Thomas Ford, Thomas Ford, Forteviot, Abraham Foster, Ann Foster, Booker Foster, Elizabeth Foster, Geo. Foster, John Foster, Mary Foster, Mrs. Geo. Foster, Robert Foster, Catherine Foust, John Foust, Mr. Foust, Elizabeth Phillips Fowlkes, Gabriel Fowlkes, Gabriel Fowlkes Jr., Gabriel Fowlkes Sr., Henry Fowlkes, James Fowlkes, Jane Fowlkes, John Fowlkes, Mrs. Parkes Fowlkes, Parkes Fowlkes, Sarah M. Fowlkes, Tabitha Fowlkes, Thompson Fowlkes, Ursula Fowlkes, Wm. Fowlkes, Wm. N. Fowlkes, Sarah M. Fowlks, Arthur Fox Jr., Rev. Arthur Fox, Rev. Paul Fox, Ruth Fox, Sarah Enfield Fox, Franklin Co, Virginia, Mr. Frazier, French Huguenot Millards, Ann Delia French, George B. French, Miss Funck, Mrs. Peyton Fuqua, Sally Clark Fuqua, Galloway Farm, John M. Galloway, Miss Gammon, Sarah Ann Gardner, Noah Garst, Lady Elizabeth Gascoigne, Sir William Gascoigne, Nancy Geddy, A. Johnson Geisler, Daniel Geisler, David Geisler, Henry Geisler, Hugh D. Geisler, Jacob Geisler, Landon H. Geisler, Margaret Geisler, Nancy Geisler, Nannie Geisler, William Geisler, General Davidson's Brigade, Agnes Anne Gholson, Daniel Penick Gholson, Dr. Norman Gholson, Mary Caruthers Gholson, Samuel Creed Gholson, Mrs. R. B. Gillespie, Nancy J. Gillespie, Sallie Floyd Gillespie, Thomas Gillespie, Simon Girty, George Glasscock, Million Glasscock, William Gleaves, Mrs. J. A. Glenn, Charles Glover, Florence Glover, James Glover, Miss Glover, Ouida Glover, Thomas Glover, William Glover, Verna Gobble, Dr. and Mrs. Gordon, James Gordon, Mrs. Wm. B. Gordon, William Beall Gordon, William Churchill Gordon, Wm. B. Gordon, Barbara Claire Graham, Denver Hawkins Graham, Denver Graham Jr., Francis Marion Graham, Harold Lee Graham, Hortense Graham, Virginia Pearl Graham, Graoch, Capt. Geo. Gravil, Green Memorial parsonage, Albert G. Green, Gen. Greene, Dora Greenlee, James Greenlee, Laura Greenlee, Mollie Greenlee, Sallie Greenlee, William Greenlee, Ella Greenman, Crockett Greer, Rev. Moses Greer, Rev. Moses Greer Jr., Col. Nathan Gregg, Grace G. Grieve, Mrs. Winifred Griffin, Grig, Lt. John Grub, E. Frederick Guilford, Mrs. E. Frederick Guilford, Mrs. Jane Guilford

Millards A-C Millards D-G Millards H-J Millards K-M Millards N-Q Millards R-Z

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