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Millard Full Name Index H - J from

The Millard and Other Families
A Genealogical History of the Millard and Associated Families
compiled by Allie M. Millard (1882-1974)

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Capt. Hadikin, Halifax Co, Virginia, Alice Katherine Hancock, Charles Frederick Hancock, Edward Albert Hancock, Mary Louise Hancock, G. R. Handcock, E. F. Handy, Mrs. E. F. Handy, Ruth Handy, Hanover Co, Virginia, McCreary B. Hardbarger, Aaron Hardwick, Geo. W. Hardy, Mrs. A. M. Hare, Elizabeth Harlan, E. King Ellen Kate Harman, John Caddall Harman, King Edwin Harman, Rev. Nolan B. Harmon Jr., Sofey Harrerson, William Harrerson, Rachel Harrington, Samuel Harris, Sarah Hartsell, Burchie Harvey, Chloe Hastings, Ruth M. Hastings, Edgar Hatcher, J. J. Hatcher, Louisa M. Hatcher, Mahaley Hatcher, Millard Hatcher, Miss Hatcher, Carlock Hawk, John Hawk, Hawking in Folkstone Hundred, Osbert de Hawking, Parish of Hawking, Hawkins, Hawkins Coat of Arms, Hawkins Family, Hawkins Family by Media Research, Hawkins of Kentucky, Hawkins Pharmacy, Amey Hawkins, Sir Kit Hawkins, Abigail Hawkins, Abraham Hawkins, Adm. Sir John Hawkins, Adm. Sir Richard Hawkins, Agnes Hawkins, Amey Hawkins, Andrew Hawkins, Ann Hawkins, Ann R. Hawkins, Anna Louise Hawkins, Anna Taylor Hawkins, Anthony Hawkins, Benjamin Hawkins, Bertie Mary Hawkins, Bessie Lee Hawkins, Bettie Drean Hawkins, Capt Moses Hawkins, Capt. John Hawkins, Capt. John A. Hawkins, Capt. William Hawkins, Capt. William Adrian Hawkins, Carl Bernard Hawkins, Catharine Hawkins, Catharine A. Hawkins, Catharine McGehee Hawkins, Catherine Hawkins, Catherine McGehee Hawkins, Chilton Taylor Hawkins, Christopher Hawkins, Clare Hawkins, Col. Philemon Hawkins, Cora Ellen Hawkins, Cora Roberta Hawkins, Cynthia Cecil Hawkins, Damaris Hawkins, David Hawkins, Dorothy Hawkins, Douglas Carter Hawkins, Dr. Robert K. Hawkins, Edna Earl Hawkins, Edward Robert Hawkins, Eleazer Hawkins, Elizabeth Hawkins, Elizabeth B. Hawkins, Elizabeth Lee Hawkins, Elizabeth Leigh Hawkins, Ellen Judith Hawkins, Ellen Judith Penick Hawkins, Ellen St. Clair Hawkins, Emma Hawkins, Ens. Elijah Hawkins, Ens. Reuben Hawkins, Ethel Hawkins, Eva E. Hawkins, Ewart A. Hawkins, Fannie Hawkins, Fannie Taylor Hawkins, Frances Hawkins, Frances W. Hawkins, Francis Hawkins, Frederick Close Hawkins, Gamaliel Hawkins, George Hawkins, Grace Truman Hawkins, Grief Bowman Hawkins, Hamilton Smith Hawkins, Hannah Hawkins, Harriet Hawkins, Hattie Grace Hawkins, Henry Hawkins, Henry Stevens Hawkins, Hester Hawkins, Hope Hawkins, Hortense Graham Hawkins, James Hawkins, James H. Gillespie Hawkins, Jane Hawkins, Jeremiah Hawkins, Job Hawkins, Joel Hawkins, Joel A. Hawkins, Joel Albert Hawkins, Joel Albert Hawkins Sr., Joel Clarence Hawkins, Joel Thomas Hawkins, Joel Thomas Hawkins Jr., Johan Hawkins, John Hawkins, John P. Hawkins, John Sexton Hawkins, John Thomas Hawkins, John Thomas Hawkins, Jr., Joseph Hawkins, Judge Robert Hawkins, Judith Hawkins, Judith Penick Hawkins, Kate Holt Hawkins, Laban Hawkins, Laban D. Hawkins, Lenora Judith Hawkins, Leonora Judith Hawkins, Leslie I. Hawkins, Leslie I. Hawkins, Jr., Lillie Pearl Hawkins, Lou Hawkins, Lou Fannie Hawkins, Lt. Col. Nathaniel Hawkins, Lt. Henry Hawkins, Lulu Hawkins, Mandeville Hawkins, Mandeville N. Hawkins, Margaret Hawkins, Margaret May Hawkins, Maria Hawkins, Martha Hawkins, Martha M. Hawkins, Mary Hawkins, Mary Ann Hawkins, Mary Elizabeth Bernard Hawkins, Mary Frances Hawkins, Mary Grace Hawkins, Mary Halse Hawkins, Mary Holt Hawkins, Mary Millard Hawkins, Mary Susan Hawkins, Mastin Hawkins, Mehitable Hawkins, Mrs. John Thomas Hawkins, Mrs. Thomas Mastin Hawkins, Mustadora Hawkins, Nancy Hawkins, Nancy Leonora Hawkins, Nancy R. Hawkins, Nathan Hawkins, Nelle E. Hawkins, Nicholas Hawkins, Pauline Hawkins, Peleg Hawkins, Philemon Hawkins, Ralph Peyton Hawkins, Richard Hawkins, Robert Hawkins, Robert Kavanaugh Hawkins, Royall Hawkins, Ruth Hawkins, Sallie Elizabeth Hawkins, Sallie Floyd Gillespie Hawkins, Samuel Austin Hawkins, Sarah Hawkins, Sarah M. Hawkins, Sir Anthony Hope Hawkins, Sir Christopher Hawkins, Sir John Hawkins, Sir Richard Hawkins, Steele A. Hawkins, Steele Alexander Hawkins Jr., Steele Alexander Hawkins Sr., Strother Jones Hawkins, Sue Cary Hawkins, Susan Hawkins, Susannah Hawkins, Tazewell M. Hawkins, Thomas Hawkins, Thomas M. Hawkins, Thomas Masten Hawkins, Thomas Mastin Hawkins, War Records - Thomas Mastin Hawkins, Thomas Monroe Hawkins, Timothy Hawkins, Tipton Carter Hawkins, Tressa Virginia Hawkins, Vernon Dreyan Hawkins, Virginia Hawkins, Virginia Alice Hawkins, Virginia June Hawkins, W. H. Hawkins, William Hawkins, William Alexander Hawkins, William H. Hawkins, William Henry Hawkins, William N. Hawkins, William Nathan Hawkins, William Penick Hawkins, William Rees Hawkins, William Walter Hawkins, William Walter Hawkins, Jr., Williams M. Hawkins, Wm. Henry Hawkins, Wm. Walter Hawkins, Wm. Walter Hawkins Jr., Zachariah Hawkins, Zachary Hawkins, Hawkins-Taylor Company, Hawkyngge, Capt. Jesse Heard, George Phifer Heilig, John Albert Heilig, Joseph Summerell Heilig, J. Albert Heilig, Judith Hele, Bessie Hendrix, Brown Hendrix, Calvin Hendrix, Dicie Hendrix, Girley Hendrix, Jake Hendrix, James Hendrix, John Hendrix, Lena Hendrix, Mollie Hendrix, Henrico Co, Virginia, Henry Co, Virginia, Henry II, Henry VIII, Patrick Henry, Margaret Henshe, Henton Lineal Line, Alice Henton, Ann Henton, Benjamin Henton, Catherine Henton, David Henton, Elias Henton, Elizabeth Henton, Elizabeth Thompson Henton, Evan Henton, Geo. and Elizabeth Henton, George Henton, George Henton I, George Henton II, George Henton Jr., George Henton Sr., Guy Henton, Hannah Henton, James Henton, Jesse Henton, John Henton, Joseph Henton, Mary Henton, Mary Elizabeth Henton, Mary Jones Henton, Moses Henton, Persis Henton, Peter Henton, Phoebe Henton, Rachael Henton, Rachel Henton, Rebecca Henton, Rebeckah Henton, Robert Henton, Ruth Henton, Thomas Henton, Thomas Henton, Jr., William Henton, Capt. Jesse Herd, Mell Hickam, Ann Hicks, Ann Millard Hicks, Catherine E. Hicks, Clementine Hicks, Clemmie Hicks, Elijah Hicks, Elizabeth Hicks, Henry Hicks, James Hicks, John Hicks, Lt. Nathaniel Millard Hicks, Nancy Hicks, Nancy Jane Hicks, Nancy Millard Hicks, Nathaniel Hicks, Nathaniel M. Hicks, Nathaniel Millard Hicks, Patton Hicks, Pierce Hicks, Polly Hicks, Rev. William Hicks, Rev. William W. Hicks, Rev. Wm. Hicks, Russell Hicks, Ruth Hicks, Nathaniel Millard Hicks, Sarah Hicks, W. W. Hicks, William Hicks, William Hicks, Jr., William W. Hicks, Capt. Robert Higginson, Lucy Higginson, Hill and Linus Lineage, Isaac Hill, James T. Hill, John Hill, Linus Hill, Luke Hill, Mrs. Charlotte Hill, Robert Hill, Ruth Hill, Swinfield Hill, Thomas Hill, J. A. Hinkley, Loretta Hinshaw, Col. John Hinton, Mary Scotharn Hinton, Peter Hinton, Rebeckah Hinton, History and Customs of Scotland, Millard Family by George and William Millard, Jane Hodnett, Mary Hodnett, Lousetta Holesapple, John M. Holland, Dr. Holly, Kate Holly, Holston River, David Holt, Mary Holt, Mary Elizabeth Holt, Wm. Holt, Wm. S. Holt, (infant) Holton, Alice M. Holton, Edward D. Holton, Harriet T. Holton, Mary Holton, Holy Rood, Elizabeth Lee Hoomer, Ebenezer Hopkins, Miss Hopkins, Tabitha Hopkins, Capt. Thomas Hord, Alice Millard Horner, Ethel Horner, Stella Horner, Virgie Horner, Polly Horton, Sarah Horton, Hotspur, Nat. Houston, Stephen Houston, Anna Howard, Henry Hudson, Tipton Hudson, Minerva Orlena Hughes, Robeson Hughes, Thomas Hughes, Nannie Humphreys, Patsy Hurt, Margaret Huse, Sallie Hutchenson, Ida, Indulf, Estate of Joel Hawkins, Agnes Junkin Irwin, Elizabeth Irwin, George Junkin Irwin, John Preston Irwin, Leonidas Willson Irwin, Wilfred Pryor Irwin, William Pryor Irwin, Countess Isabelle of Angonleme, Isabelle of France, Island Mills, Martha Jackson, Mrs. Anita Gillespie Jackson, President Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jackson, Otelia Jacobs, James I, James I of England, James II, James III, James IV, James V, James VI, Edward James, Mary James, Robert James, Jamestown Virginia, Lew W. Jeffress, Mary Jeffress, Jeney Blues, Ann R. Jennings, John Jennings, Mary C. Jennings, Nancy R. Jennings, Nancy R. Hawkins Jennings, William M. Jennings, John Baliol, John Peters farm, Hazel Glenn Johnson, James Bennett Johnson, James Robert Johnson, John Franklin Johnson, R Jesse Johnson, Thomas Hawkins Johnson, Rebecca Johnston, Anna Gabriella Augusta Elizabeth St. Clair Jones, Col. William Jones, Dan Jones, Elbert Jones, Elizabeth Jones, Ellen Jones, Frances Augusta Jones, Gabriel Jones, Hannah Jones, Henry Jones, Jeff Jones, John Jones, Johnson Jones, Julia Jones, Louise Jones, Marcha M. Jones, Margaret Strother Jones, Martha Fine Jones, Martha M. Jones, Mary Jones, Mr. Jones, Murphy Jones, Nathan Jones, Rachael Jones, Robert Jones, Samuel Jones, Sarah Jones, Thomas Vastine Jones, Washington Jones, William Jones, Nell Jordan, Joshua Millard of Cornwall, Judith, Agnes Penick Junkin, Agnes Tinsley Junkin, Daniel P. Junkin, Daniel Penick Junkin, Eben Dixon Junkin, Edward Dixon Junkin, Edward Dixon Junkin, Jr., Frederick Hastings Junkin, George Junkin, George Eben Junkin, Hampton Dubose Junkin, Jeanie de Forest Junkin, Julia Rush Junkin, Margaret Preston Junkin, Maria Elizabeth Junkin, Nettie Dubose Junkin, Rev. Daniel P. Junkin, Rev. E. D. Junkin, Ruth Martindale Junkin, Tinsley Penick Junkin, William Francis Junkin, Wm. Francis Junkin

Millards A-C Millards D-G Millards H-J Millards K-M Millards N-Q Millards R-Z

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