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Millard Full Name Index N - Q from

The Millard and Other Families
A Genealogical History of the Millard and Associated Families
compiled by Allie M. Millard (1882-1974)

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Nansemond Co, Virginia, Frances Narron, Henchey Narron, Lola Narron, Mrs. Gus Narron, Mrs. Lola Narron, Mrs. Lola Narron, Nash Court, Joan de Nash, Edith Neal, Laban Neal, Stephen Neal, Lady Eleanor Nevelle, New Kent Co, Virginia, New Norfolk Co, Virginia, Capt., Alex. Newman, Thomas Newman, Samuel Newton, Norfolk Co, Virginia, Northampton Co, Virginia, Northumberland Co, Virginia, NSDAR Papers of Allie M. Millard, Miss Nutty, Saddie O'Brien, Andrew O'Dell, Andrew O'Dell, Jr., Andy O'Dell, Oak Ridge Cemetery, Andrew Odell, Eliza Jane Odell, Elizabeth Odell, Elsie Odell, Ludie Odell, Martha Ann Odell, Thomas Odell, William Odell, Fannie Brooks Ogden, Old Weaver Cemetery, Sarah Ann Oliver, Joe Olliver, William Olliver, Orange Co, Virginia, Order of Founders and Patriots, Osburga, Oslac Cupbearer of the King of Wessex, Sallie Overstreet, Silas Overstreet, Silas F. Overstreet, Bracke Owen, Brackett Owen, Elizabeth Owen, Ellen Owen, Ellen Judith Hawkins Owen, Jesse Owen, John and Phoebe Owen, John J. Owen, John James Owen, Judith Owen, Kesiah Owen, Louisa F. Owen, Lucy Owen, Mrs. Judith Penick Hawkins Owen, Nancy Owen, Tabitha Owen, Tabitha Rudd Owen, Thomas J. Owen, William Owen, Wm. Owen, Tabitha R. Owens, Thos. M. Owens, William Owens, Paddle Creek, Pat Padgett, Pat Padgett, Jr., Rosewell Page, Thomas Nelson Page, Maude Virginia Pakle, Lt. Robert Stanley Palmer, Robert Stanley Palmer, Papersville, Mary Parker, John H. Parkins, Lester Shields Parsons, Minnie Mattie Mae Parsons, Dr. Frank Pate, Judith Pate, Katie Allen Pate, LaRee Allen Pate, Lou Pate, Lulu E. Pate, William Pate, Robert Paterson, Patrick Co, Virginia, Benjamin Patterson, Hannah Patterson, Jane Patterson, John Patterson, Martha Patterson, Mary Patterson, Mary Millard Patterson, Mary Robert Patterson, Millard Patterson, Robert Patterson, Samuel Patterson, Timothy Millard Patterson, William Patterson, Capt. Wm. Peachey, L. R. Peachey, Mary Peachey, George Pearson, Mrs. George Pearson, William Peeler, Albert C. Peery, Alice Peery, Geo. C. Peery, Mollie Cree Peery, Nannie Gillespie Peery, Nell Peery, Elizabeth Pelter, John Pelter, Peter Pence, Penick Family given by Mary Frances Penick, Aunt Mollie Penick, Agnes Anne Penick, Agnes Tinsley Penick, Albert Baumann Penick, Alice Locket Penick, Anne Penick, Anne Maria Penick, Annie Lydia Penick, Bingham Adams Penick, Capt. Nathan Penick, Capt. Nathaniel Penick, Clara Virginia Penick, Col. Nathan Penick, D. Allen Penick, Daniel Allen Penick, Daniel Allen Penick, III, Daniel Allen Penick, Jr., Della Roberts Penick, Dixon Brown Penick, Dixon Brown Penick, Jr., Don Penick, E. Tom Penick, Edward Payson Penick, Edward Payson Penick, Jr., Eliza Alves Penick, Eliza McNeil Penick, Elizabeth Penick, Elizabeth Armistead Sydnor Penick, Elizabeth Virginia Penick, Ellen Judith Penick, Emily E. Penick, Emma Garland Penick, Ethel Penick, F. Marshall Penick, Fleet Wilson Penick, Frank B. Penick, Frederick Penick, Garland Penick, George Dixon Penick, George R. Penick, George Willis Penick, Giles Albert Penick, Giles Alfred Penick, Gordon F. Penick, Harvey Morrison Penick, Helen F. Penick, Jane Penick, Jane Averett Penick, Jane Elizabeth Penick, Jesse Penick, Ann Penick, John Penick, Joyce Penick, Judith Penick, June Penick, Junius M. Penick, Louisa Penick, Maria Brown Penick, Mary Penick, Mary Adeline Penick, Mary Ann Penick, Mary Ella Penick, Penick, Mary Frances Mary H. Penick, Mary Louise Penick, Mary Mallory Penick, Mary Monroe Penick, Minna Bingham Penick, Penick Mountain, Mrs. William Ballard Penick, Mrs. Wm. Penick, Nathan Penick, Nathaniel Penick, Nathaniel Hill Penick, Nathaniel Hill Penick, II, Pamelia G. Penick, Paul McNeil Penick, Peter Tinsley Penick, Rev. Daniel Allen Penick, Rev. Daniel Allen Penick, Jr., Rev. Peter Tinsley Penick, Rev. Sydnor Penick, Rev. William Penick, Rev. William Sydnor Penick, Rev. Wm. Aaron Penick, Robert Cochran Penick, Robert Morrison Penick, Roger Penick, Rosa Agnes Penick, Rosa Allen Penick, Rozilla Allen Penick, Ruby R. Penick, Ruth Hastings Penick, Sally Penick, Stuart Tinsley Penick, Tabitha Penick, Tabitha Rudd Penick, Thomas Penick, Thomas R. Penick, Thomas Rudd Penick, Tinsley Stuart Penick, Tinsley Stuart Penick, Jr., William Penick, William Aaron Penick, William Ballard Penick, William Bingham Penick, William Nathan Penick, William Sydnor Penick, Wm. Penick, Wm. Ballard Penick, William Penn, Pennsylvania Archives, Pension Declaration of Catherine Hawkins, Pension Declaration of Catherine McGehee Hawkins, Pension Declaration of Walter Bernard, Henry Percy, Lady Margaret Percy, Sir Henry Percy, E. F. Perkinson, Edmund Perkinson, John Perkinson, Mary Perkinson, Nancy Perkinson, Parthena Perkinson, Patience Perkinson, Rebecca Perkinson, Rowlett Perkinson, Sarah Perkinson, Susan Perkinson, Tony Perkinson, Carolyn Robertson Perrow, Elizabeth Marshall Perrow, James Stephen Perrow, James Stephen Perrow, IV, Mary Byrd Perrow, Mr. and Mrs. James Stephen Perrow, Dr. N. S. Peters, James Peters, John Peters, Mary Peters, Agnes Tinsley Phifer, Daniel Penick Phifer, Emma Garland Phifer, George Locke Phifer, George Willis Phifer, John Young Phifer, Louisa Ester Phifer, Mary Elizabeth Phifer, Rosa Agnes Phifer, Rosa Anne Phifer, Sarah Maria Phifer, Philippa of Hainault, Lucy Philips, Richard Philips, Charles J. Phillips, Charles J. Phillips, Jr., Elizabeth Phillips, Ethel Kate Phillips, John Phillips, Martha R. Phillips, Mary Phillips, Miss Phillips, Noah J. Phillips, Rebeckah Caroline Millard Phillips, Richard Phillips, Roscoe Phillips, Selma Phillips, Susan Phillips, Vincent Phillips, William Phillips, Henry Pickens, Wm. David Pickens, Charles Pickering, Pickett's Division, Henry Picking, Pictish Monarchs, Robe Pierce, Franklin Pierce, Pig River Blockhouse, Marguerite Pillsbury, Pittsylvania, Pittsylvania Co, Virginia, Geoffrey Plantagenet, Lady Philippa Plantagenet, Joseph Pomeroy, Poplar Ridge Church, Elizabeth Pouton, Powhatan Co, Virginia, Preston, Texas, Betty Price, Cora Price, Della Price, Helen Price, John Price, John F. Price, John H. Price, Mary Price, Robert Price, Samuel Price, Ann Prigg, Anne Prigg, William Prigg, Prince Edward Co, Virginia, Prince George Co, Virginia, Princess Anne Co, Virginia, Blanche Proffitt, Col. Puthentson, Carlton Putnam, Queen Margaret, Queen Maud

Millards A-C Millards D-G Millards H-J Millards K-M Millards N-Q Millards R-Z

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