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Millard R - Z  Index with
War Records & Wills from

Immigration Collection

The Millard and Other Families
A Genealogical History of the Millard and Associated Families
compiled by Allie M. Millard (1882-1974)

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Rabigois of Derry, Radar's Triangle, Capt. Radikin, Raedburgh, Josiah Ragland, William H. Ramseur, Ruthey Ramsey, Mary Ann Ransom, Bettie Dreyan, Mary A. Ransome, Jimmie Ray, Robt. Read, Col. George Reade, Elizabeth Reade, Francis Reade, Jane Reade, Robert Reade, John Reah, Red Stone, Elbert F. Redd, John Redd, Mary Redd, Reednurgh, Reeve Farm, Reeve Farm near Paperville, Tenn., Helen Reid, John H. Reid, Rufus Tinsley Penick Reid, Vincent J. Reishman, Emaline Resley, Revolutionary Period, Rex Anglorum, Dr. J. A. L. Rhea, Eleanor Fairman Rhea, John Rhea, Joseph M. Rhea, Rev. Joseph Rhea, Wm. T. Rhea, Mary Rhymes, Richard, Hester Richards, Mrs. Iola Catherine Richards, Mrs. Iola Penick Richardson, Thomas Richardson, Richmond Co, Virginia, James Riley, Robert Bruce, Robert II, Robert III, Martha Boyd Roberts, Mary S (or T.) Roberts, Miss Roberts, Roland W. Roberts, Alice C. Robertson, Edward J. Robertson, Edwin Archer Robertson, Edwin L. Robertson, Elizabeth Robertson, Ellen Judith Robertson, Emily Robertson, Florence Byrd Robertson, Helen C. Robertson, James Robertson, James A. Robertson, James Christopher Robertson, Joel Albert Robertson, Julia Owen Robertson, Lucy Robertson, Margaret Robertson, Mary Elizabeth Robertson, Maude Ella Robertson, Mrs. Baird Robertson, Mrs. R. Byrd Robertson, Mrs. Sue J. Robertson, Myrtle Hawkins Robertson, Orrin W. Robertson, R. Byrd Robertson, Ralph H. Robertson, Richard K. Robertson, Robert R. Robertson, Robertson R. Robertson, Ruth M. Robertson, Tom Rufus Robertson, Diana Robins, Dorothy Robins, John Robins, Rebecca Robins, Susannah Robins, Thomas Robins, Wm. Robins, Rock Creek Church, Rock Creek Parish, Rockhold's Campground, Mr. Rogers, Sarah Enfield Rogers, W. Henry Rogers, Henry Rose, Rose Ross, Julia Rothlein, Nat Rowe, John Rowlett, John and Edith Rowlett, Jos. P. Rowlett, Joseph P. Rowlett, Mathew Rowlett, Prudence Rowlett, Stephen D. Rowlett, Mabel Rowzee, Mrs. Charles Rucker, Rev. James Rucks, Agnes M. Rudd, Aldridge Rudd, Beverly W. Rudd, Elbert F. Rudd, Elizabeth A. Rudd, Hezekiah Rudd, John Rudd, John Rudd, Jr., Louisa F. Rudd, Lucy Rudd, Mary Rudd, Tabitha Rudd, Tabitha R. Rudd, Rudd's Creek, William Rufus, Thomas Rumford, Russell Co, Virginia, Helen Russell, Mrs. Vivien Gillespie Russell, Betty Jo Rutherford, Billie Jane Rutherford, Wm. Harold Rutherford, Anna Ryburn, Elizabeth Sabin, Gula A. Sabine, Sailors' Creek, Elizabeth Salter, Kathleen Sands, Sandy River, Rev. Frank S. Sawyer, Josephine Marie Saxer, Frank Saylor, W. E. Saylor, Katie LaRee Claudelle Schreiber, Raymond H. Schreiber, Scotchtown Virginia, Mary Scothern, Roman colonization of Scotland, Scott Co, Virginia, Anne Scott, Charles A. Scott, Frances Scott, James Scott, Daniel McGehee, Margaret Scott, Mary C. Scott, Miss Sarah Scott, Samuel O. Scott, Sarah Scott, Sir Walter Scott, John Sexton, John Robert Sexton, Joseph Sexton, Rachel Sexton, Rachel Roberts Sexton, William Currin Sexton, Hannah Seymour, Richard Seymour, Sir Edward Seymour, Phebe Sh?re, James Sharp, John Sharp, Robert Sharp, Samuel Sharp, Barbara Sharrett, Elizabeth Sharrett, Sarah Barbara Sharrett, Sharron Forge Iron Works, Cephas Shelbourne, Ella Shelbourne, Prof. Shelbourne, Ike Shell, Joseph Shell, Mary Shell, Annie Louise Sherfesee, Flora Shipley, Shotes Ford, T. P. Shoulbourne, Sigeferth, Mrs. L. P. Simerly, Blanche Simmerly, LaFayette Simmerly, Mary Simmerly, Walter Simmerly, Worley Simmerly, Mae Simms, Vert Simpson, Polly Sites, Siward, Ira Skeen, Anna Smalling, Mae Smalling, Mattie Smith, Benjamin H. Smith, Benjamin Hawkins Smith, Cecil H. Smith, Jr., Colerah B. Smith, Daniel Smith, Ed Smith, Eleanor Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Flandering Smith, Frances M. Smith, George O. Smith, J. Morgan Smith, James Smith, John P. Smith, Jonathan Smith, Malcolm Smith, Martha Smith, Martha Ann Frances Smith, Mary Ann Smith, Miss Elsie Howard Smith, Mrs. Malcolm Smith, Newton O. Smith, Owen Smith, Pumfret D. Smith, Rev. Cecil H. Smith, Richard Smith, Ruth Smith, Sterling Smith, W. R. Smith, William Smith, Smyth Co, Virginia, Society of Descendants of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, Society of Friends, Society of Mayflower Descendants, Hannah Soper, Samuel Spencer, Susan E. Spencer, Susan Elizabeth Spencer, Spotsylvania Co, Virginia, Miss Spurgeon, Squire Boone, Charles A. St. Clair, Peyton St. Clair, Mr. Stafford, Aliana Standifer, Alianda Standifer, Isaac Standifer, Miss Stanfield, Robert Stapleton, Daisy Beatrice Stark, Dorothy Brawley Stark, Harry Staunton Stark, Kathleen Stark, Mahre Stark, Norris Stanley Stark, Jr., Norris Stanley Stark, Sr., Mrs. H. M. Start, Betsy Stayr, Bettie Madora Stevens, Henry Isaac Stevens, Margaret Bailey Stevens, Mrs. Nellie Stewart, Nellie Stewart, Ann R. Stiagall, Ann R. Stigall, Dr. Stillingfleet, Frank Stockton, Storry Creek furnace, Elizabeth Street, Paul Street, Mr. Strickland, Sally Strong, Margaret Strother, Dr. Wm. Carter Stubbs, James H. Stubbs, Jefferson W. Stubbs, Mack Stubbs, Sueno, Sullivan County Millards, Alex. Sydnor, Alexander Sydnor, Beverly Sydnor, Beverly S. Sydnor, Elizabeth Armistead Sydnor, Peter Sydnor, Susan Coleman Barksdale Sydnor, William Sydnor, Wm. Sydnor, Lady Ann Talbois, Sir George Talbois, Bertha Talcott, David W. Tally, Tally's Ford, Robert Tanner, Thomas Tanner, Elizabeth Tarplay, Betty Tarpley, Capt. John Tarpley, Fanny Tarpley, James Tarpley, John Tarpley, Mary Tarpley, Travers Tarpley, Caleb Tate, Caleb Tate, Esq., Tavistock branch of the Hawkins family, Ann Taylor, Anna Taylor, B. C. Taylor, Bert Conrad Taylor, Dorothy Taylor, Dorothy Bernard Taylor, Elizabeth W. Taylor, Emma I. Taylor, Jack Preston Taylor, Jean Frances Taylor, Joseph W. Taylor, Julia Earle Taylor, Lillie Pearl Taylor, Molly Taylor, Ralph Bertram Taylor, Ruth Taylor, Samuel Y. Taylor, William Taylor, Tazewell Baptist Church, Tazewell Co, Virginia, Tazewell Female Seminary, Children of Timothy Millard (who married a Christy), Four American Colonies, Maryland Colony, Massachusetts Bay Colony, Military Order of the Loyal Legion, New Netherland Colony, Virginia Colony, Thomas Hale Mylleward de Hextone, Thomas Millard's Mill, Lucy Thomas, Mary Ruth Thomas, Mrs. Doni Sewall Thomas, Presley Thomas, Thomas' Bridge, Georgia Thomasson, Thompson Lineal Line, Ann Wells Thompson, Elizabeth Thompson, James Thompson, Mrs. W. M. Thompson, R. D. Thompson, Jr., Reuben Dickerson Thompson, Thomas Thompson, Three Millard Brothers, Agnes Tinsley, Agnes Anne Tinsley, Anne Tinsley, George Wythe Tinsley, John Brown Tinsley, Maria Elizabeth Tinsley, Peter Tinsley, Peter Tinsley, Jr., Peter Tinsley, Sr., Marion G. Treat, Joan Trelawney, Charles Trelawny, Trewithen, Mrs. Beverly Trout, Harriet Truax, Eliza Trueheart, Juliana Trueheart, Joseph Truman, Clay Tumbling, Robert Turner, Underwood Spring, Mary Underwood, Polly Underwood, Underwoods, Ungas, Union Theological Seminary, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Mr. Updike, Upper Norfolk Co, Virginia, Urgaria, Mrs. Bernard P. Vaden, J. Van Warne, Lucille Van Warne, Bertha Vance, Crockett Vance, David Vance, Harriet Vance, James Vance, Jennie Vance, John Vance, Martha Vance, Mary Vance, Mr. Vance, Samuel Vance, Sarah Elizabeth Vance, Sarah Millard Vance, Seraphina Vance, Fred Varney, Henry M. Vaughan, Elizabeth A. Vaughn, Mr. Vaughn, Elizabeth Vest, Margaret Vest, Mr. Vincent, Eben Junkin Vinson, Edward Dixon Vinson, Jean de Forest Vinson, John W. Vinson, John Walker Vinson, Thomas Chalmers Vinson, William Francis Vinson, Virginia County Formations, Mr. Wack, Jamaker Waddill, Paschal Waddill, Susan Waddill, Jacob Waddle, Aunt Lou Wade, Bartlett Wade, Louisa Wade, Ann Walker, Bessie Walker, Col. Walker, E. F. Walker, Mrs. E. F. Walker, Mrs. Noel Walker, Mrs. Noel J. Walker, Mrs. William Walker, Robert J. Walker, William Walker, Georgia Wallace, Miss Rhoda Wallace, Albert Walters, Anna Walters, Arthur Walters, Bessie Walters, Charles Walters, Clara Walters, Daisy Walters, Dimple Walters, Eddie Walters, Edward Walters, Emery Lonnie Walters, Fanny Walters, Florrie Walters, Frances Walters, Freddie Walters, Hardin Walters, Ida Walters, Ina Walters, Leola Walters, Mary Etta Walters, Savannah Walters, Thad Walters, Wallace Walters, Worley Walters, Elizabeth Ann Walton, Mary Walton, Simeon Walton, Elizabeth Ward, Joseph Ward, Campbell E. Warren, Eli Warren, Nettie Warren, Washington Co, Virginia, Armistead Washington, General Washington, John Watington, John Watkins, Lacy Clark Watkins, Anne Watlington, Armistead Watlington, Elizabeth Watlington, John Watlington, Paul Watlington, Reade Watlington, Dorcas Watson, Elbert Watson, John Watson, Johnathan Watson, Mr. Watson, R. P. Watson, Robert Watson, Susan Watson, Birdie Wax, Samuel Wingfield Wax, Marie Wayland, Weaver Cemetery, Abe Weaver, David Weaver, Drucilla Weaver, Drussilla Weaver, Mary Weaver, Miss Weaver, Robert Weaver, Weaver's Church, Weaver's Church and Graveyard, Benjamin Webb, Charles Webb, Elizabeth Webb, Emma Webb, Everett Webb, Fay Patterson Webb, Frank Webb, Fred Webb, George Webb, Goldie Webb, Hassie Webb, Hugh Webb, John Webb, John Ensor Webb, Johnny Webb, Lizzie Webb, Reece Webb, Robert Webb, Sam Webb, Samuel Webb, Daniel Webster, Bernard H. Weekley, Sarah Elizabeth Weekley, Ann Welles, Gov. Thomas Welles, Mrs. Marshall Penick West, Westminster Abbey, Joseph John White, Melvina White, William A. White, Whitemarsh, Blanche Whitley, Jack Whitley, Johnie Whitley, Johnie Whitley, Jr., Rees Whitley, Dr. Jack W. Whitten, Miss Whitten, William the Conqueror, William the Lion, Col. B. Williams, Miss Williams, Samuel Williams, Mildred Windebank, Sir Thomas Windebank, Jake Wine, Mrs. Alice Winston, Maurice Edie Wirt, Jr., Mrs. Maurice Edie Wirt, Wise Co, Virginia, Capt. Witey, Bob Wolfe, James R Wolfe, James R. Wolfe, Jr., John William Wolfe, Polly Ann Wolfe, Rev. William Wolford, Fannie Womack, Frances W. Womack, Miles Womack, Mrs. Miles Womack, Capt. William Woodbridge, Capt. Josiah Woods, Col. Rob't T. Woods, Josiah Woods, Agnes M. Wootton, Francis T. Wootton, Martha Work, Wrad, Charlie Wright, Elizabeth Wright, Ida Wright, Mrs. Corinthia Millard Wright, Thomas Wright, Charles S. Wyckoff, Hannah Wynn, York Co, Virginia, Glenn Baylor Young, Helen F. Young, James Young, Rosa Agnes Young, W. F. Young, Mae Louise Zogg, Walter Zogg,

War Records

War Recollections of William Millard;
War Records - Charles E. Bernard;
War Records - John Albert Bernard;
War Records - Samuel H. Bernard;
War Records - Walter Bernard;
War Records - William Lang Bernard;
War Records - Thomas Campbell;
War Records - Joel Albert Hawkins;
War Records - Laban Hawkins;
War Records - William Henry Hawkins;
War Records - William Nathan Hawkins;
War Records - Hicks, Nathaniel;
War Records - Captain Al Millard;
War Records - Abia Millard;
War Records - Capt. Alvin Marion Millard;
War Records - Capt. Levi Millard;
War Records - Dr. John Millard;
War Records - George Millard;
War Records - Lt. Col. Samuel Millard;
War Records - Richard Levi Millard;
War Records - Samuel Millard;
War Records - Samuel E. Millard;
War Records - Thomas Millard;
War Records - Thomas Franklin Fairfax Millard;
War Records - William Alvin Millard;
War Records - Nathan Penick;
War Records - James Vance


Will of Benjamin Hawkins;
Will of Catherine Hawkins;
Will of Catherine McGehee Hawkins;
Will of David Hawkins;
Will of John Perkinson;
Will of Laban Hawkins;
Will of Nathan Penick;
Will of Owen Smith;
Will of Samuel Harris;
Will of Stephen Neal;
Will of Thomas Mastin Hawkins;
Will of William Owen

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