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The Millard Family in Pennsylvania

The Millard Family in Pennsylvania compiled by Julian Millard (1866 - 19--)
Three different typescripts of the Millard Family in Pennsylvania with a copy of Julian's lost index  

This is a unique publication, as it incorporates three different versions of the same typescript. Each has been scanned and digitally enhanced to improve readability. Each is individually indexed and electronically bookmarked and all three are included for what you would pay for a single hard copy.

The Millard Family in Pennsylvania was compiled by Julian Millard of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania about 1931 from several family resources. Julian was born 1866 in Michigan, the only child of Denslow Webster Millard and Martha J. Wagener. An architect, between 1889 and 1900, Julian was an Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. About 1924, he accepted the position of Administrative Officer for the Pennsylvania Art Commission. He was appointed as the first State Architect for Pennsylvania and was responsible for the design and construction of many of the state's official buildings and schools.

The first of these typescripts was compiled by Julian Millard, a copy of which he gave to the Pennsylvania Historical Society of Philadelphia, July 17, 1933. This is the copy that most researchers are able to obtain. Copies are available from other sources. However, none of these typescripts contain an index.

The second of these typescripts is a transcription by Allie M. Millard of Tazewell, Virginia, who collaborated with Julian in its creation. It most likely dates between 1933 and 1934, and contains the only known copy of Julian's original Index, consisting of 17 pages of names in alphabetical order, listing spouses, identification and page numbers. Allie Millard annotated the manuscript with additions, corrections and other notes and sources. These are included just as she originally penned them - in the margins and on the back of some sheets.

The third and final typescript came from members of the Millard family still residing in Sullivan County, Tennessee. This manuscript appears to have been produced sometime after 2 July 1937. It is similar in content to Julian's original manuscript, but it incorporates most of the additions and corrections submitted by Allie  Millard, and is likely the final manuscript.

Available on CD ROM, with a new Table of Contents and Full Name Index for each manuscript.

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The Millards in Pennsylvania
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