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Immigration, Naturalization & Passenger Records

[_adv/anc_33.htm] These links to various records of immigration, emigration, naturalization, and passenger lists should be useful in your research. Some are subscription sites, others are free. We highly recommend Dr. John P. Colletta's book, They Came in Ships, 3rd Edition immigrationfor those just starting the search for an immigrant ancestor. Do it yourself, or have us conduct a search for you by calling or submitting a request for a Free Estimate. If you find any invalid links, please let us know.

Immigrant Ships Transcriber Guild Compass

Castle Garden, New York - Prior to Ellis Island there was Castle Garden. If your immigrant  ancestor was one of the 10 million who arrived in New York 1830 - 1892, they probably went through Castle Garden.

Ellis Island - Between 1892 and 1924 over 22 million passengers and members of ships' crews came through Ellis Island. Search the database of these immigrant ancestors.

Illya James D'Addexio's Passenger Website 2,000 Passenger Ship Arrivals from Europe between 1609 and 1960

Passenger Lists from the United Kingdom and Europe

Morton Allan Directory of Passenger Steamship Arrivals

Earnie Lang's Immigration & Passenger Lists A Guide to finding your ancestor's arrival record

Passenger Lists on the Internet

Family Tree DNA Family Tree DNA

Tracing Your Immigrant Ancestors - New York State Library

Steamship Historical Society of America  

Indexes to Assisted Immigrants 1839-1896 - State Records of New South Wales

Canadian Immigrant Records, Part One immigration compiled from a variety of sources to represent the movement of immigrants to Canada.

Canadian Immigrant Records, Part Two immigration compiled from a variety of sources to represent the movement of immigrants to Canada.

Canadian Passenger & Immigration 1748-1906 - passenger list records for immigrants arriving at Canadian ports between 1748 and 1873; a variety of immigration records, 1748 to 1906

Canada Immigration 1801-1849 - National Archives of Canada - Miscellaneous Immigration Index

Canada, New Brunswick 1816-1838 - Port Returns [including Passenger Lists] (10,412 Records)

Federation of East European Family History Societies databases for East Europeans

Italian Passengers to Louisiana,1905-1910 Italian immigration

Passenger Lists and Emigrant Ships from Norway

Texas Seaport Museum Galveston, Texas Immigration Records, 1846-1948

Germany, Baden Emigration Index,1866-1911 Baden immigration

Hamburg Passenger Lists, Handwritten Indexes, 1855-1934 German emigration

Prussia, Brandenburg Emigration records
Auswanderungsakten Brandenburg, Preußen
German emigration records  

The Ships List A Comprehensive listing of ship and passenger arrivals


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