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Convicts, Inmates, Prisoners, and Prisons

Resources for Locating Information and Records


On this page you will find a collection of links for historical prison and inmate records, as well as resources for 49 states to locate current inmates within the corrections system of the various states and federal corrections facilities.

Executions in American before lethal injection

Federal Bureau of Investigation - Famous Cases
Federal Bureau of Prisons
Inmates of Alcatraz, 1933-1948
Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary

Alabama Inmate Search Locator

Alaska Department of Corrections
Alaska Court System Name Index
Alaska Sex Offender Database

Andersonville Prisoners of War civil war prisoners of war
Union Prisoners of Andersonville (National Park Service)
Confederate Prisoners of Fort McHenry (N.P.S.)

Arizona  - Inmate Data search
Arizona Historical Prison Register
Yuma Territorial Prison Cemetery
Yuma Territorial Inmates from Cochise County

Arkansas Inmate Population Info Search
Arkansas Death Row Inmates
Arkansas Prison Photo Gallery
Fort Smith Executions, 1873-1896

California Department of Corrections
California Prison Facilities

Colorado Department of Corrections
Colorado Penitentiary Inmates 1871 - 1973
Penitentiary Photograph Collection, 1893-1980
Colorado Death Row Inmates

Connecticut Offender Information
A history of the copper mines and Newgate PrisonA history of the copper mines and Newgate Prison at Granby, Conn. : also, of the captivity of Daniel Hays, of Granby, by the In
Wethersfield State Prison Warrants, 1800-1903

Delaware Department of Corrections
Delaware Death Row Inmates

District of Columbia Dept. of Corrections

Florida Dept. of Corrections
Florida Prison Inmate Locator

Georgia Offender Locator System

Hawaii currently has no online sources

Idaho Offender Search and records Requests
Idaho State Penitentiary Index 1900-1975 Acrobat 2.1 MB

Illinois Prison Inmate Locator
Chicago Police Department Homicides, 1870-1930

Indiana Prison Inmate Locator
Indiana Life Prisoner's Statement Index

Iowa Offender Information Search

Kansas Prison Inmates Search

Kentucky Prison Inmates Locator

Louisiana Prison Inmate Information
Louisiana's escaped inmates and absconded offenders

Maine Prison Inmate Information
Maine Criminal Records Check
Maine Sex Offender Registry Search

Maryland D.O.C. Inmate Locator
Maryland Sex Offender Registry Search

Massachusetts Prison Inmates Search
Massachusetts County Facilities

Michigan Prison Inmates Locator
Michigan Sex Offender Registry Search

Minnesota Prison Inmates Search
Minnesota Level 3 Sex Offenders
Minnesota Historical Society Prison Records Guide

Mississippi Prison Inmates Search
Mississippi Department of Corrections

Missouri Offender Inquiry
Missouri Sex Offender Registry Search

Montana Prison Inmates Search
Montana Sex & Violent Offender Registry


Nebraska Prison Inmate Search

Nevada Inmate Records Search
Nevada State Prison Inmate Case files, 1863-1972

New Hampshire Dept. of Corrections
New Hampshire  List of Wardens
New Hampshire Prison History

New Jersey Prison Inmates Search

New Mexico Dept. of Corrections
New Mexico Offender Information Search

New York Inmate Population Search
The Old Martyrs' Prison, New YorkThe Old Martyrs' Prison, New York : an historical sketch of the oldest municipal building in New York City, used as a British
New York Guide to Prison Records

North Carolina Offender Information
North Carolina Sex Offender Registry

North Dakota Sex Offenders Registry
North Dakota Inmate Information

Ohio Prison Inmates Search Engine

Oklahoma Offender Lookup
Oklahoma Offender Information System
Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry Lookup
Oklahoma Executions

Oregon Dept. of Corrections

Pennsylvania Corrections Inmate Locator

Rhode Island Dept. of Corrections

South Carolina Inmates Search
South Carolina Death Row

South Dakota Inmate Information
South Dakota Corrections History

Tennessee Felony Offender Lookup
Tennessee Corrections History from 1700
Tennessee Penitentiary Inmates 1831-1850

Texas Offender Information
Texas Criminal Records Database
Texas Sex Offenders Database
Texas Death Row
Texas Execution Index, 1819-1982

Utah Dept. of Corrections
Utah Sex Offender Registry

Vermont Offender Locator

Virginia Prison Inmate Locator
Virginia Corrections History

Washington Dept. of Corrections
Washington Criminal Records Check
Inmates of Seatco Prison at Bucoda, 1877-1888
Inmates of Walla Walla State Penitentiary, 1887-1922

West Virginia Division of Corrections

Wisconsin Dept. of Corrections
Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry Search

Wyoming Dept. of Corrections


Convicts Sent to Australia
Western Australia Prison and Gaol Records
Australian Convict Index, 1788-1868 Australia Convicts

Canadian National Criminal Database
Canadian Provincial Criminal Databases

New South Wales Convict Records includes the following:
   Certificates of Freedom, 1823-1869
   Convict Bank Accounts, 1837-70
   Convict Exiles, 1849-1850
   Pardons, 1791-1825 and 1837-1847
   Tickets of Exemption from Government Labor, 1827-1832
   Certificates of Emancipation and Pardons, 1810-1819
   Ticket of Leave Passports, 1835-1869

Guide to Scottish Criminal Records at the GRO

UK - War of 1812 American POWs at Dartmore Prison

DNA Testing Lab

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