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Research Services We Offer


Records Searches

Birth certificates, Military Pension Files, Marriage Licenses, Census Records, Homestead Certificates, and Death Certificates are just a few of the official records we can obtain for you. But don't forget those unofficial records from newspapers, churches and schools - just to mention a few. Click Here for more details. For Idaho Records, please Click Here.

Individual Index Searches

We will provide a computer index search or search any of the thousands of records we currently have on file. Click Here for a list of our current library inventory. Please request an Estimate and select Index Search as your Program and the specific source you want us to search.

Individual Biographical

We will search biographical material on the Internet, Family History Library, PERSI, and our own resources. Please request an Estimate and select Biographical Search as your Program.

Basic Genealogy Research

The Basic Genealogical Research Program is designed to determine whether additional research is warranted for a particular individual, family, or surname. Please request an Estimate and select Basic Genealogy Research as your Program.

Advanced Research

Our most advanced program, our Advanced Research is specially designed to fit your needs, goals, and research requirements. We use all of the resources available to us to uncover the facts and the history behind your family and ancestors. Please request an Estimate and select Advanced Research as your Program. If you are serious about your family history, this is the program for you.

Historical Research

We also perform historical and background research on companies, towns, cities, counties and just about anything you can propose. Ever wonder who lived in your house before you bought it? We'll find out for you. Please complete our Estimate Form and select Historical Research as your Program.

Research Consultation

We provide personal consultation services by E-Mail, Telephone, or face-to-face. Anywhere - Anytime! Please ask for our free Estimate and select Research Consultation as your Program.

Free Estimates

We are happy to provide you with a free estimate for whatever your needs may be. No job is too small or too big. Click Here to request a free estimate. If you haven't seen what you need, just let us know.

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